Our Policies

Medical History and Waiver Release Forms

A completed Registration Form with the Medical History/Waiver Release Form must be on file for each student enrolled at Precision Gymnastics. The Waiver Release Form must be printed, signed and dated by parents/guardians (required by our insurer) and renewed at the beginning of each new year or at the time of enrollment. No child can participate in classes unless we have this form on file. Forms are available at the time of enrollment or can be downloaded HERE. Bring the Waiver Release signed and dated by parents/guardians no later than the start of the first class.

Parent Observation

Parent observation is always available through the observation windows. When our staff invites you inside the gym area for any classes, we must have siblings secured and under parent supervision. Programs and opportunities are offered during the year when parents and friends may come into the gym for viewing and observation.

Facility Cleanliness

Cleanliness is priority at Precision Gymnastics!
We have high traffic areas throughout our gym! Mats and carpets are sanitized for health and safety standards on a daily and weekly schedule.
All food and drinks other than water must remain inside the Observation area and outside of the main gym. Please report any spills to the front desk.
Do not hesitate to report if the restrooms need attention.
Wellness/Illness Policy

Please inform us if your child has any physical problems or medical information that we should know about. Do talk to your instructor and let them know of any problems that could affect your child’s safety during class.
Please do not bring sick children to class. We do not want to expose other children or staff members to any unnecessary illness.

Questions? Give Us a Call at 704.434.0016 or Send Us an Email