The goal of Precision Gymnastics is to teach gymnastics in a fun, accepting,

challenging, and safe environment. We want your child to feel successful and proud

of all they are learning! Our gymnastics are taught with a progressive curriculum

and we continually evaluate skills to make sure our students are making steady

improvement with their skills. Lesson plans are regularly changed to prevent

boredom and to keep the gymnasts “on their toes”.


Gymnastics is one of the most beneficial activities for children of all ages and physical abilities. The sport of gymnastics provides fitness, academic, and social benefits.Gymnastics requires strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. It is all about core strength in this sport!

Elementary skills that are strength building, flexibility and balance enhancing are repeated over and over again in our classes.Your children will learn to support their classmates, listen to instructions from their instructors, and realize the joy of mastering a skill after multiple repetitions.

They will learn to appreciate the good feeling they get from a thorough physical workout.Remember that the next time you are watching gymnastics class, we are working on our goal to help your child build a foundation for a strong future in whatever field they choose..!

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